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      Welcome~Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,

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      Synchronous receiver

      • TX-R13L Full-Color Mini-Receiver
      TX-R13L Full-Color Mini-Receiver

      TX-R13L Full-Color Mini-Receiver

      • Product Description:Compact and practical, infinite extension!
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      Function feature:TX-R13L is a synchronize controller standard receiving card which specialize developed for full-color LED display.
      1. 1   Double network ports can optional be the signal input port,and it is automatic identification.
      2. 2   Self-checking button including. It can accomplish red, green, blue, white, horizon line, vertical line and slash self-checking. When it detected signal input,it will automatic quit the self-checking status. When several cards cascade, Only press the self-checking button on the first card, then all the cards after it will be in self-checking status.
      3. 3   It support normal constant driver chip,especially support MBI5042, SM16136, MBI5030, MBI6024, MBI5050, P2518, P2571, APA102, SD16749, P2510, MY9268, etc. such PWM function chip.
      4. 4   It can be common use in double-color and full-color LED screen.
      5. 5   It support module rotated function.Module can install by rotated 90°、180°、270°,and receiving card can control it display in a right way.
      6. 6   It has 16 groups RGB signal outputs that can control 128 rows on the common screen which is 1/8 scan mode.Serial way work 32 channel signal can be output
      7. 7   It including various on screen clock, gray level and refresh rate for option.
      8. 8   Special UPWM function can make the common constant current chip screen reach a high refresh rate and more colorful.
      9. 9   It support point-to-point brightness and chroma correction function,real 256 level brightness and chroma point-to-point correction. One card can correct area 256*256.
      10. 10   It support static、 1/2 scan mode、 1/4 scan mode、 1/8 scan mode and 1/16 scan mode and all below 32 row scan mode. According to the screen wire setup can match up any wire setup screen module.
      11. 11   Module shifting clock can be select from 1M to 31.25M. Module gray level can be select from 0 to 65536 level. Refresh rate can be select from 60Hz to 3980Hz. A parallel 16 groups (serial 32) red, green and blue output, according to different scan mode can control different height, highest to 256 rows. The line amount it can control is according to different clock、 gray level and refresh rate to change, highest to 1024 lines.

      Technical Specification



      Product name


      Power input


      Signal input

      RJ-45 port, port 1 at first

      Cascade signal output

      RJ-45 port

      Data output

      16 groups RGB data,CLK、LAT、EN、A、B、C、D、D0-D63

      Transmittal medium

      CAT-5 network cable

      Working indication

      Power light, Signal light

      Working temperature

      -20oC-70 oC

      Overall dimension

      140mm X 48mm

      Installation way

      Fixed hole site


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      Contact:Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology



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      Address:3 layer building 4,Fangyuan Xilu no. 6,Jiangning District, Nanjing,PR.China

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