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      • TX-A1 independent video player
      TX-A1 independent video player

      TX-A1 independent video player

      • Product Description:TX-A1 is an independent video player specially developed for LED full-color display. It can remotely release playback content, remotely monitor, remotely control playback status and programs.
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      Performance Features: TX-A1 is an independent video player specially developed for LED full-color display. It can remotely release playback content, remotely monitor and remotely control playback status and programs. Support Internet, LAN, built-in eMMC, 8G storage space, used to store playback content, also can play content directly with U disk, bring WIFI module, support Android, IOS mobile APP management settings display. The system includes management broadcast control software Ledshow, independent player TX-A1, screen control software TXC16, mobile phone software APP. The card features are as follows:
      1. The program can be played independently, no need to play a dedicated computer, to prevent the crash, blue screen, screen saver and other faults caused by computer hardware and software.
      2. The playback effect of the synchronous online sending card is achieved, and the transmission mode of the offline card no longer requires the dedicated network cable to work.
      3. Supports any control computer in the same segment network or LAN across the network segment for screen control and playback content replacement.
      4. The content can be directly played by the USB disk, eliminating the trouble of wiring. When the program needs to be changed, the program is completed on the production computer, copied to the U disk, and the U is inserted into the independent player, and the playback content can be directly played or copied. Then remove the U disk.
      5. The network access certificate is added and can be controlled via the Internet to provide BS system services.
      6. It is processed by a large-capacity FPGA, and the Gigabit network cable port carries the receiving card control display. The TX-A1 supports a resolution of 1920*1080 and a 24-bit true color mode. Connect the receiving card as described to maximize the 3840*256 long display.
      7. It has an audio output port for simultaneous playback of video and sound. The volume can be controlled remotely or at a fixed time.
      8. Temperature and humidity measurement, noise measurement, and brightness measurement can be provided to increase the function of automatic or time switch.
      9. With automatic or timed on/off function.
      10. With 3G or 4G wireless routing, it can transmit display data wirelessly.
      11. With HDMI output interface, it can be used for LCD monitors.

      Technical specifications



      Product name


      power input


      signal input


      Storage method

      On board 4G eMMC

      Signal output

      Gigabit network mode

      control method

      TCP/IP interface

      Resolution and controllable points


      Transmission medium

      Super 5 network cable

      Transmission distance

      The longest is 140 meters and the measured 170 meters.

      Operating temperature

      -20oC-70 oC


      166mm(L) X 100mm(W) X 33mm(H)

      Installation method



      External power switch, antenna.

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