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      Welcome~Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,

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      Company Profile

          Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,The professional LED display board controller provider. The products include USB master card,DVI master card,LED independent player,standard receiver,extended receiver,etc.we have strong force in LED display board controller, LED show software, multimedia technology and so on.

           Our LED display display board controller has been used by hunderds of  LED display board manufacturers for a long time,and is highly praised by users.

           With efficient management and operation,Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology  Co. Ltd. continue to develop in high-tech fields recent years.we participated in many key projects.

          "Truthful & Excellent" is our spirit of enterprise,Nanjing JuCheng Electronics Company is People oriented,stands on frontier science and technology, serves the community.


      Contact us

      Contact:Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology



      Official:Nanjing Jucheng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.,

      Address:3 layer building 4,Fangyuan Xilu no. 6,Jiangning District, Nanjing,PR.China

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